A common strategy taught by many mortgage coaches is to phone as many realtors as you can, and then F.R.O.G. them (talk about family, recreation, occupation, and goals) until they send you a deal. 

Let me ask you a question, do you think this still works? 

I think there may have been a time when this worked, just like there was a time when people drove to Blockbuster to get their movies. However, as you know, businesses, like Blockbuster, that don’t evolve, don’t survive. Here is the thing: It is easy to see how Blockbuster missed the obvious and paid the price, however it is sometimes more difficult to see this in our own mortgage business.

Netflix killed Blockbuster and our 4-slide presentation absolutely kills F.R.O.G’s. 

Let me share with you an example from one of our students: Below is an email exchange where he shares how he got 4 referrals from a brand new realtor he had never met before using our strategies. 

So I had to double check that he did this after only one meeting: 

Craig replied to my question below:

This didn’t happen because he used sales strategies from the 90’s. This happened because he evolved and adapted his approach and was able to build trust and rapport, really, really quickly. 

Stop using Blockbuster strategies in the age of Netflix. If what you are doing is not working, then we need to talk. 


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