Recently, a past client of our 10 Realtor Program sent me an email to thank us, excited to share how he has closed $20k in new business since taking our training

At first, I thought the revenue increase was the coolest part, but when I re-read his email I came away with something even cooler. See if you can figure out what I am talking about…

Did you catch it? 

Even better than $20k in new business, he finally broke through a 3-year volume barrier! 

The math on the missed opportunity because of his barriers is absolutely crazy. If he did an extra $20k for 3 years that is an additional $60k!! The reality is he will do much more than $20k per year because he did $20k in weeks, not years, and he now has a system for recruiting new realtor partners

Do you have a system? What is being stuck at the same volume for years REALLY costing you? 

If you are facing a barrier in your business, then we really need to talk.

We have a proven formula for helping you recruit realtors to your business. 


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