You have probably been in coaching programs in the past where it feels like every strategy is a gimmick. Recently one of our students shared his feedback with us in our private Facebook group.

Shane has been in the business 19 years. He has seen and tried it all. There is zero chance we are going to be able to fool him into believing our program is different unless it really is different. 

I share this with you because you have likely had a similar experience to Shane. You have either been in one of those programs or heard horror stories about them. 

That is NOT what we do. Our program is different. 

We focus on proven strategies, with no gimmicks, to help you recruit new and better Realtors. 

Here is what we don’t recommend:

  • Trading deals – You give the Realtor a deal, they give you a deal.
  • Promising best rates and service – Everyone says that, and unfortunately no one believes it anymore.
  • Spray and pray – Calling hundreds of Realtors to find a few who are willing to meet with you. This is exhausting and not effective. 

I am going to be honest with you: our program is not for everyone. We have a very strict selection process. We only invite people into our program if we believe we can help them. 

If you are tired of the gimmicks and want real help to recruit Realtors we really need to talk. 

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