A common frustration I hear MLO’s express is, “every realtor I talk to tells me they already have someone they work with.” 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… 100% of the realtors you call, already have someone they work with. 

Common advice has been to just apply for the backup position…to become “Plan B.” 

We don’t believe in applying for the backup position. We believe in applying for the number one spot. 

Recently one of our clients, who has been a mortgage broker for less than a year, managed to set up a meeting with a reluctant realtor who made it clear he was content with his current MLO situation. 

Check this out:

Did you see what happened there? 

Our client went in with the mindset of getting the number one spot from the realtor.

He was confident going in with the unique 4-slide presentation we taught him, and at the end of the meeting,he walked away with 2 leads!

You might be thinking he just got lucky this time… 

But this isn’t a fluke. 

It is happening all the time for our clients using our 4-slide presentation. On-the-spot leads, from realtors who ‘already have their mortgage person.’

If you have been struggling with this common objection from realtors, we can help.

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