One of our students reached out with an update:

What did Jeremy do? He built a presentation that actually gets Realtors to want to send him business. 

It sounds crazy, but it is true. If you are not getting the results you want from your Realtor meetings then you need to change your approach, you need a plan, and you need a presentation

I reached out to Jeremy to clarify what he meant by SMASHING It. (See screenshot below)

Jeremy closed in 6 months, what he closed in ALL of his previous year… I love that he will settle for ‘simply’ doubling his business. 

This didn’t happen by accident, or because Jeremy was hoping and wishing his business would get better. It didn’t happen because Jeremy pounded the phone for hours beating Realtors into submission so they would eventually send him deals. 

It happened because Jeremy built a presentation that builds trust, creates a connection, and most importantly, generates referrals. 

This is important to understand: Jeremy executed. Jeremy followed the process. Jeremy showed up. Jeremy did the work and Jeremy deserves 100% of the reward.

Our program supported Jeremy, offered him the tools, and pointed him in the right direction. It was Jeremy that used these resources to bring himself such success.


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