Super busy!  Aaron is getting right down to the grind of business, keeping busy with face-to-face meetings. All of this effort has precipitated in the best month Aaron has ever had!  With that, comes the pressing need to expand his team in order to meet the demands of this rapid growth, and so he and Scott discuss the importance of having a solid system in place at the right time, to properly sustain the scaling of his business,  Aaron shares how he is strategically targeting quality realtors rather than merely a quantity, and Scott shares a really useful tip that Aaron can use to turn up the heat on any realtors that are still sitting idle.

Background – Aaron joined our program on April 1, 2019.  His goal is to take his business from $12 million to $30 million in annual production. Scott does a regular check-in call to see how Aaron is making out implementing our unique 3-part realtor recruiting game plan.