Warning: it is a little loud…we all know realtors like to party…


A lot of people are struggling with calling realtors, but the truth is, they don’t have to. 

The struggle lies with an all-too-common imbalance in the relationship. Most mortgage professionals feel that unless they are giving out ‘A’ leads, they don’t have anything important enough to offer their realtors.
Now imagine calling all your realtors and explaining how you are going to help them create 5 deals this year. I am willing to bet you would find it easier to pick up the phone if you had something this valuable to offer…. 

In our “10 Realtor Program, we’ve introduced the Create 5 Strategy, which shows you how to help your realtor partners create 5 deals from their database.

That’s right… we will show you how to become an incredibly valuable resource to your realtor partners.

We promise you – realtors are eating this up, and the broker-owners are absolutely loving it!  Why?  Because it creates deals.
My partner, Dion, has already crushed 75+million with the “Create 5” strategy! Check out this video clip, where he’s about to introduce the idea to 120 realtors.

This strategy WORKS. We have real clients, who like you, used to dread calling realtors. They don’t anymore…
If you’re ready to stop being a deal giver and want to become a deal creator, then we really should talk. 

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