If you’ve been making calls to realtors lately, you’ve no doubt noticed that things have changed.

The age-old strategy of making 40 calls a day in the hopes that you’ll wear the realtor down into sending you a lead is no longer working.
We call this ‘blunt force’ marketing.

Blunt force marketing is where you basically beat your prospects over the head until they (hopefully) eventually throw you a bone… or you quit calling because you end up with PTSD.

Not fun.

And the hard truth?

Realtors have become resilient to these calls. In most cases, they’ll respond with one of a few typical responses:

—> Send me a lead … and then we’ll talk
—> Help me pay for my Zillow ads … and then we’ll talk
—> Help me pay for my Facebook marketing … and then we’ll talk

Here’s the deal – you can easily bypass all this nonsense, but you need to employ a completely different strategy.

In our 10 Realtor Program, we show our clients how to STOP BEING DEAL GIVERS and START BEING DEAL CREATORS.

Recently, one of our clients met with a realtor and presented our unique “Create 5 Strategy.” In just this one meeting, he created 5 deals!

You know what else was great about this? The realtor was ecstatic.

What did our client do next? He contacted the owner of the real estate office and said, “Hey Bob, I just created 5 deals for one of your agents, can we sit down to chat?”

Guess what happened next …

The owner was so impressed that he invited our client to present this strategy to ALL of the agents in his office!

Here is the thing – we are not currently in every market, but we will be.

If you want to be leading the way with strategies that have realtors excited to work with you AND add massive value, check out our training to find out if we can help you.