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Justin Eps. 7 – The Paradigm Shift

    In this video, Justin shares the success he had recently, when he killed it with 100% attendance at a webinar he hosted, showcasing the "C5 Strategy." Justin has even been able to implement these new strategies to help a friend who is going through a...

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6 Reasons to Be a Deal Creator

6 Reasons to Be a Deal Creator, Instead of a Deal Giver Scott and Dion break down what it's like, from a realtor's perspective, when someone comes to show you all the money left on the ground that nobody is picking up. They share multiple examples, like the Aaron one,...

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Aaron Eps. 10 – New Goal is 40 Million!

Scott connects with Aaron while he is on the road sourcing for his tech company. How Aaron is also finding the time to grow his mortgage business, we don't know! But it's going so well that he has had to adjust his annual goal of $30 million, to $40 million. This guy...

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Justin Eps. 5 – Trials and Tribulations

    In this video, Justin shares some of the struggles his family is experiencing and updates us on how his business is going. Unfortunately, Justin's parents have fallen quite ill, but because his priorities are in the right place, he has rescheduled some...

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Aaron Eps. 9 – Grow, Build, Repeat

    Aaron is in the middle of the grind building his business, connecting with realtors and their clients using the unique C5 Strategy. With already seven loans on the books for August, it's looking like he'll definitely need an assistant soon! Fortunately,...

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Justin Eps. 2

    In this video, Justin and Scott discuss the program methods Justin is using to grow his business. At first, Justin thought to reach out to his (late) aunt's client list, and although it generated many conversations, it wasn't exactly the market that...

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