One of the myths of recruiting realtors is that you have to spend a lot of time and effort to build a relationship.

The traditional advice goes something like this: buy them a coffee, take them for a beer, and then call them every week for 6 months and they will eventually, hopefully, send you a lead.

However, this is exhausting and not effective.

In our program we teach you how to use a simple 4-slide presentation that actually works to build trust and generate referrals.

One of our students recently shared this unreal success story with us:

(See screenshot below)


Sandro landed a $4 million dollar purchase using a very innovative strategy – the 4-slide presentation. Now to be fair, I have never personally done a mortgage that large. My biggest mortgage funded was only $1.2 million.

However, the reality is our strategy works regardless of your market, or mortgage size.

I was really blown away by Sandro’s experience… but I just had to email him back to make sure I was getting the story straight: had he previously met this realtor and was perhaps using the presentation to re-engage him?

(See screenshot below)

Wow! A $4 million dollar purchase referral after the very first meeting!

This didn’t happen because Sandro was focused on having the realtor simply like him.
True, being liked IS important, however what you really need is to get them to TRUST you and give them a good reason to reciprocate.

Using the old strategies to attract realtors could keep you in the “friend zone” forever – where they like hanging out with you and that you buy them drinks, but you rarely see any benefits in return.

If this sounds like you – stuck in the ‘friend zone’ with your realtors – we can help.

My team has set aside some time in the next couple days to see if we can work to help you redefine these realtor relationships and nail your meetings just like Sandro did.

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