6 Reasons to Be a Deal Creator, Instead of a Deal Giver

Scott and Dion break down what it’s like, from a realtor’s perspective, when someone comes to show you all the money left on the ground that nobody is picking up. They share multiple examples, like the Aaron one, quoted below:

Everyone knows the worst time to be a buyer is during a “seller’s market.” The seller can make some pretty outlandish demands, because hey — if you don’t want to make a deal — there are 20 people behind you who will.

The reality is that realtors are a lot like the seller in a seller’s market. They are being called by eager MLOs who are vying for their attention every single week.

So it’s no wonder…

They rarely want to meet face to face.
They book a meeting but then cancel last minute.
They say things like, “Send me a deal, and then we’ll talk.”
They ask you to help pay for joint marketing.

Realtors are simply acting like any seller would in a seller’s market. I don’t blame them at all… and you shouldn’t either.

instead, you need a strategy that adds massive value upfront.

Recently, one of our clients, Aaron, was able to create 5 purchase deals using our unique “Create 5 Strategy” presentation.







Did you catch that?

An offer for an investment property, 4 cash-out refinances, and to top that all off the realtor is looking for 4–5 more properties for the client!

How’d he manage that from just one meeting?

Aaron did not show up with a lead, or a joint marketing agreement. Instead, he had a strategy in hand that created massive value — our C5 Strategy.

With this kind of value in hand, can you imagine how much easier it’s going to be to get to the top agents… or better yet, to the real estate office owners?

It would be just as if you approached a home seller who was trying to maximize their profit and said, “I can show you how to turn your single-family home into a multi-family site and we will both make money.”

You would absolutely crush your competition with this approach.