Imagine this scenario:

You get your mortgage license in January 2019. You soon realize that your small network (made up of friends and/or colleagues from your old job) is not going to be enough to get your business where you want it to be.

You decide you need to recruit realtors.

So you get lucky – you’re introduced to a realtor who is a real “baller.” He seems to like you… but unfortunately, nothing happens after that meeting… No referrals, no leads.  Basically, he forgets you exist.

Then, you join our 10 Realtor Program and learn how you can crush a realtor meeting using our unique 4-slide presentation. So, with this new ‘weapon’ in hand, you go out and meet this realtor again and pitch him on why you are the best solution for his clients… and BOOM! He gives you 5 leads!

I know… Sounds crazy right?

But this is exactly how it happened for our client Justin. Check this out:

Honestly, I thought this would have been crazy too… Except that this happens so often for our clients it seems like just another day at the office.

A couple of quick things:

First, if you are new, you’re crazy to think you’re going to figure this business out on your own faster than we can teach you.

Second, if you are experienced, you have a great advantage. Just think – if we can take a brand new MLO and show them how to crush realtor meetings, what do you think we can do for YOU with your existing network?

Here are the type of people we are looking for:


  1. A new MLO who is coachable and hungry – wants to learn how to recruit realtors in the fastest way possible.
  2. An experienced MLO who has been stuck at the same volume, or been slowly declining, and wants to up their game.
  3. An MLO who has access to a real estate office – but is NOT getting above 10% of the transactions out of that office.
  4. An MLO who has realtors, but is not being sent ALL of their leads (we can show you how to ‘squeeze more juice out of the orange’).
  5. An MLO who has tried every other coaching program and NOT seen results (our stuff works!).

If any of the above describes you, and you’re serious about improving your realtor game, book a call with our team today and give us the chance to help transform your business.

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