First off, I wouldn’t call many goals “crazy”… in fact, I’m a huge proponent of setting goals, and in the past have set some myself that were a little far reaching.

About a year ago, we had a client join our program with what I would only have described as a ‘crazy’ ambitious goal.

At the time he entered our program, he told us his goal was to fund 85 files in 2018 (he had been in the business for about 6 months by this time and finished 2017 with 18 files funded).  

Now, In the back of my mind I thought, I don’t know if this goal is even possible… Yet, we couldn’t help but admire that he was so driven and full of energy, so we encouraged him with a small gift and a note that said, “We KNOW you can reach 85 files this year!”

Imagine my shock when I found out he crushed that goal and finished the year with 111 loans!

See excerpts from his email from below:

“The end of the year is coming, and its been almost a year that i entered your program. You sent me a gift that said ‘we know you can reach 85 files this year’

I just want to say that i not only reached it, i “rocked” it

I hired an assistant this summer that is now licensed”

I want to be quick to point out this result is not typical, not even for our program graduates.

But… imagine if he hadn’t joined our program.  Imagine if he decided that he was going to figure out how to hit that ‘crazy’ goal on his own…. there is ZERO chance he would’ve.

If he followed the normal progression of most first-year brokers, at best, his growth rate would be perhaps 100% to 200%, which is still impressive. He would have gone from 18 files to 36, or maybe even 50.

Here’s the thing, he did at least 61 more loans because he didn’t waste time on trial and error methods to scale his business.

What is trial and error really costing you? I bet it is a lot more than you realize.

Our program focuses on a few critical things that actually make the difference.

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